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Finally Take Control of Your Financial Future! 
  LIVE Challenge Starts Monday!
Finally Take Control of Your Financial Future! 

Improve Your Credit Score

(Even If You’ve Tried Before With No Results) 
(Even If You’ve Tried Before With No Results) 
AND Discover How To Earn Extra Income Repairing Credit For Others!
AND Discover How To Earn Extra Income Repairing Credit For Others!
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  LIVE Challenge Starts Monday!

You Win 2 Ways!

Repair Your Credit…AND Learn How Folks Get Paid 
By Repairing Credit For Others

The ‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge

Will Show You How To Have A Life-Changing Impact On Anyone’s Financial Health…

In Just 90 Minutes a Day For 5 Days…For FREE!
In Just 90 Minutes a Day For 5 Days…For FREE!

Credit Is Your Golden Ticket 
To A Better Life

See if you find yourself or situation on this list...
  • You've tried to get a car loan or home loan but keep getting denied
  • You know your credit report has ‘dings’ but can’t get them removed
  • You feel the ‘credit system’ is rigged against you
  • ​You’ve tried dealing with the 3 credit bureaus but you got nowhere
  • You’ve paid someone to fix your credit and they did nothing
  • ​You feel lost and hopeless that you’re stuck with crappy credit for life
  • You feel like you can’t provide for your family
  • ​You’re angry because you have to pay more for products
  • You also want to help family or friends who have poor credit but don’t know how
Having poor credit can really make life a living hell, as I’m sure you already know.

You can’t get a…
  • Home loan
  • Car loan
  • Student loan
  • ​Business loan
  • ​Insurance
  • ​Line of credit
  • Credit card
And if, by chance, you could get a loan or credit, the interest rates would be through the roof.

Let’s face it. Credit scores determine where you live, where you work, insurance rates, amount of utility deposits, and purchase power.

But here’s the thing, and this will blow you away…
Did you know that…

Banks, lenders, and merchants mistakenly report delinquencies, missed or late payments, and charges that you never even made?


And that’s not all…
79% of people in the U.S. have inaccurate, bogus, or damaging line items on their credit report that don’t belong here.
So if you ever wondered why your credit score was low…

Or why there are items on your report that have no business being there or where they came from…

Or that should have been removed ages ago, just know that…

You’re NOT Alone

My name is Daniel Rosen, the founder of Credit Repair Cloud, and I absolutely understand what you’re going through.

Several years ago, I experienced every single one of the frustrations listed above.

Because my credit was in the toilet.

And I had no idea why.

I couldn’t afford to hire a credit repair company, so I had to do everything myself.

I made calls, wrote tons of letters, and pleaded with my lender to find out what the heck was going on.

Have you tried dealing with the credit bureaus…

Or even tried to get a straight answer from a credit service?

So you know what I’m talking about.

My Porcupine Quills

Stood Straight Up

Well, through painstaking research, I found out a bank error screwed up my credit score.

And because of that error, I almost lost my house, I almost went bankrupt, and I almost lost everything

Through no fault of my own!

And even when I reached out to them…

My lender and credit bureaus wouldn’t fix it!

I was furious!

It was like they could care less.

So I got obsessed and learned everything I could about credit repair.

After several months of writing dispute letters and making a lot of noise, I got those bank errors and other dings removed.

I fixed and improved my credit score myself!

I Started Repairing Credit For Others

My family and friends heard my story, and a bunch of them asked me to help them with their credit score, which I was happy to do.

I didn’t want them to go through the nightmare I had just gone through.

It’s easy to understand why most people just give up when trying to repair their credit. 

It’s like screaming into an abandoned building.

After a short period of time, the folks I went to bat for started calling me and thanking me…

Because their credit scores increased.

They were able to qualify for loans, get credit cards, and buy things that eluded them for years.

Life Changing Impact

The feeling it gave me was indescribable. 

They discovered a financial freedom they never had before, or hadn’t experienced in years!

That kind of impact is priceless.

And it meant more to me than anything else.

Yes, I’m thrilled that I improved my credit…

But helping to change the lives of others…to me, there’s no better feeling.

And when a bunch of folks I had helped improve their credit, they got so inspired that they wanted to help folks they knew repair their credit.

I also kept perfecting my system until I had created the industry-leading software…the platform that most credit repair businesses use today!  

I’ve been showing millions of others how to repair their credit ever since. 

Repair Your Credit…
Then Earn A Little Extra

There’s no doubt that we live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world.

Instead of finding a full time job or doing something that makes you cringe…

People want to put a few extra bucks in their pocket by ‘doing their own thing.’ 

The cool thing is, you’re not limited to the typical ‘side jobs’ you might be familiar with…

Like picking up and dropping off creepy passengers in your car…

Or fighting rush hour traffic delivering groceries or meals all over town. 

By doing credit repair, you never even have to leave the house.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune on gas or car maintenance.

And yet, you still reap a ton of the same benefits!

PLUS you get to:

> Make a difference in peoples’ lives
> Have a true impact
> Help create financial freedom for others
> Give people a ‘get out of jail’ card
> Feel like a Credit Hero 

It's Easy To Get Started!

Once you learn how to repair your credit…

All you have to do is repeat the process for others.

AND get paid!

✓ YOU decide your income potential. 
✓ YOU have total control and flexibility
✓ YOU decide your schedule 
✓ YOU determine what you want to make and charge.

Let me show you how to repair your (or anyone’s) credit AND earn an extra income…

When you join The ‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge’

How To Beat The ‘Rigged’ Credit System

For the past twenty years, I’ve been on a mission to help anyone I could to repair their credit scores so they could…
  • Get back on their feet
  • Eliminate the feelings of shame, frustration, and embarrassment
  • Have a fair shot at living the American Dream
See, the credit bureaus don’t want to help you.

The way they operate is intentionally shrouded in secrecy and confusion.

That’s because there’s a LOT of money to be made by making it difficult to improve your score.

And by the way…
The 3 Credit Bureaus that determine your credit score are NOT run by the government.

They are PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT companies that make billions of dollars by selling YOUR information to credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, car dealerships…

And anyone willing to pay for YOUR information.

It’s a system designed to keep you in the dark about credit, repair, and how it works.

But Not Anymore!

Now there’s a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

I want to show YOU exactly how to ‘beat the bureaus’ and start repairing your credit or the credit of someone you know.

It’s why I created the Brand New FREE 5-Day…

‘Start Repairing Credit’


Where you’ll learn the fundamentals and foundation for fixing your credit and improving your score.

I will personally guide you on how to start the credit repair process the RIGHT WAY!

In just 5 days (and only 90 minutes a day), you’ll discover how to master the secrets of credit repair.

I’m going to show you what’s possible, regardless of your frustrating past experiences of trying to fix your credit. 

Unlike others you may have worked with in the past…

Who fed you unrealistic dreams and promises of ‘quick results, I’m going to give it to you straight, warts and all.

We’ll cover Stall Letters, non-response, wait times, the whole shebang…

So that you know what to expect BEFORE you even get started.

Bottom line, I’m going to show you how to…

Become a Credit Hero, to yourself and others.

So, are you ready to put on your cape and start repairing credit?

To Yourself And Others...

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The FREE 5-Day

‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge


The Nuts & Bolts of Credit Repair

We’re not wasting any time. We kick off the challenge by diving right into the foundation and fundamentals of credit repair.

In no time at, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the credit system and how it works. You’ll be astounded at how straightforward is once we let you in the ‘backdoor’ and remove the mystery!

You’ll walk away from today having learned…
  • Credit Repair 101: The three basic steps of credit repair!
  • Anatomy of a Credit Report: Understanding the key components of a report and how to read them like a pro!
  • Tools of the Trade: Discover the tools that we use to make credit repair easier and faster. These are the same tools that our students use to grow their own at-home credit repair business!


The Credit Report Decoder

On Day 2, we’ll show you the exact step-by-step system to successfully repair credit.

You’ll also learn how to identify the most common errors that show up on credit reports and how to eliminate them.

You’ll walk away from today having acquired…
  • The Skills and Confidence to repair your (or anyone’s) credit. Believing you can do this is they key to success. Our system and software opens the door for you to achieve your goals with confidence!
  • Quick Wins: You’ll jump for joy when you learn how to spot the most common errors that show up on credit reports… ‘dings’ you weren’t even aware of! The ‘pencil pushers’ at the credit bureaus won’t see this coming!
  • Grow Your Score: Know exactly how to maximize your credit score potential. And if you start doing it for others, you can establish yourself as a go-to resource for all their credit-related needs… and even land them as clients!


Send Your ‘Round 1’ Letters

Ready to notch it up a level? This is where things get REALLY exciting. Because on day three, we’re going to show you the incredible power of our dispute letters… and how to send out your Round 1 dispute letters!

You’ll walk away from today having learned…
  • How to Elevate Your Game: Get the ‘inside skinny’ of how the bureaus operate (Equifax, Transunion, and Experian), the loopholes in their rules, and how to use them to your advantage.
  • The Ins and Outs of Round 1 Dispute Letters and how to use each type of letter effectively.
  • Optimize Disputes: Discover which Round 1 letters to use in which situations for maximum impact and results.


Grow Your Credit Repair Business

Thousands of people who’ve taken our Challenge in the past get very excited about the results they’ve experienced. So they can’t wait to help others repair their credit. What’s more, they discovered how to get paid for their services. Which is why we’re including this special session.

On day four, we’ll cover the foundation for growing and perfecting your side hustle or full time business… right from your kitchen table!

We’ll also share proven marketing strategies to help you attract clients without having any prior sales experience whatsoever! And the best part is… you won’t need to spend a penny on advertising!

You’ll walk away from today having learned…
  • Setup For Success: Discover the fundamentals and legal requirements for running a successful credit repair business. Get ready to rock n’roll!
  • Online Presence Mastery: Attract great clients by tapping the power of your social media profiles, social proof, and how to deliver ‘value in advance’ to your potential customers!
  • Network and Connect: Leverage your online and offline connections with these fool-proof plug n’ play communication scripts. Know exactly what to say and when to say it… and watch your client base explode!


From Practice To Pro

On day five, we’re going to cross the finish line and show you how to go from beginner to pro with the fundamentals in record time!

You’ll walk away from today having learned…
  • The Mindset Hack: Scared? Nervous? Unsure what to do? No worries. This simple mindset hack helps break down limiting beliefs and instills Avenger-like confidence… so that deep down you can truly feel “YES, I can do this!”
  • Expert Unleashed: Get inspired hearing from other successful students and credit repair business owners. You’ll be amazed at their stories, how they got started, and how they grew their businesses from scratch. Tons of takeaways for thinking outside the box and running a business on your terms!
  • Growing Your Business: This step-by-step ‘bible’ can help you take your credit repair business to heights beyond your imagination!

Your 5-Day Challenge will take you on a journey from:

What Are YOU Waiting For?!

Be A Credit Hero! Step Up And Start Repairing Credit Today!


What You Can Expect From The

‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • Feel hopeless about your credit
  • Don’t understand credit report
  • Feel stuck in life and career
  • ​Poor buying power
  • ​Stopped in your tracks
  • ​Frustrated and confused​
  • Want to help others and get paid but don’t know how

AFTER The Challenge:

  • Know exactly what to do… for yourself and others
  • You’re a credit report pro
  • Have a step-by-step action plan
  • Have the fundamentals and foundation to skyrocket credit scores
  • ​Unstopabble
  • ​Feel empowered and in full control
  • Possess the tools and know-how to run a successful credit repair business

But That’s Not All! You Also Get These…

4 Incredible BONUSES!

That’s right… I am all about OVER-DELIVERING as much value as possible!

By the end of the Challenge, my guess is that you’ll want to take your newfound knowledge of credit repair to the next level. 

So we’re going to notch it up a peg and show you how to grow a sustainable credit repair business! Part time, full time…it’s up to you.

Learn how to attract your first clients, charge for your services, and discover what it takes to generate income!

And that means more green in your bank account!


How 7-Figure Earners Grew Their Businesses Using The Power Of Credit Repair Cloud

Get exclusive access to these special interviews where our top performers (who, like you, started from ground zero and NO experience) share their business building and growth secrets using our proprietary software, Credit Repair Cloud.

Once you watch and hear these down-to-earth stories, you’ll say to yourself with confidence, “Heck yeah! I know I can do this!”

This is your rare opportunity to learn from folks just like you...

Who were in the same position and frame of mind where you are now...

Filled with frustration about their buying power, doubt about their financial future, and even hopelessness.

I promise you: you’ll feel totally different after watching these interviews. 

Fast track your results and path to success with this incredible bonus.

Worried That Running A Credit Repair Business Is Complicated?

Don’t Panic… We’ve Got You Covered


Credit Repair System Workbook

This comprehensive notebook is your ‘comfy pillow’ for navigating around the credit repair waters.
Easy to follow, easy to understand. You’ll be guided on the ins and outs of how credit repair works, how the system works, what actions affect someone’s credit, how to spot errors, and how to easily read credit reports.

And get this... you’ll also discover how to send your first dispute letters at the click of a button!



Exclusive Credit Repair Audios

No need to be chained to a desk or laptop with these student-only audio sessions.

Pop ‘em in your mobile device or favorite mp3 player and ‘learn on the go.’

Listen while you’re working out, on a walk, or in a quiet space during your downtime.



Recorded VIP Coaching Sessions

Be a fly on the wall as you listen in on real users getting real results. 

You’ll also hear from one of our Credit Repair Cloud Experts on how to maximize the power of this revolutionary software and Credit Repair System. 



Private 'Challenge' Facebook Community

Private Challenge Facebook Community… Where you’re never alone. Share wins, ask questions, mine strategic nuggets, access business breakthroughs, and get inspired!

You’ll be astounded by the wealth of ‘credit repair’ gold inside this group.

In a nutshell, I'll teach you to:

  • Master the fundamentals of credit repair
  • Read any credit report
  • Improve credit scores
  • Send out your first dispute letters
  • ​In just 90 minutes a day for 5 days... GUARANTEED!

Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up For The

‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge

  • FREE: Five jam-packed days of learning how to start repairing credit with Daniel Rosen
  • FREE: Access to the Challenge Replays. If you have to miss a session, we’ve got you covered. (But be there LIVE for the full experience)!
  • FREE: The underground industry tools and knowledge that can help you “leap-frog” your results even if you’ve tried before and fell flat!
  • ​FREE: Exclusive framework for earning extra income by repairing credit for others
  • BONUS: How Top Earners Grew Their Business Using Credit Repair Cloud
  • BONUS: Credit Repair System Workbook: Learn the fundamentals and foundation of the credit repair system, how to easily read credit reports, and send your first dispute letters with just a click of a button!
  • BONUS: Exclusive student-only audios so you can listen to all the content on the go!
  • BONUS: VIP Q&A Session Recordings from real users. PLUS a Credit Repair Cloud Expert shares how to maximize the “Credit Repair System” using cutting edge software tools!

Total Value: $2,179

Today: 100% FREE!


5 Day 'Credit Repair' Challenge!


Next Mon - Fri @ 12 PM PST 


Because this is YOUR time to run YOUR very own business!

Who This Challenge Is For

First off, this Challenge is not for everyone.

This is NOT for someone who makes excuses as to why something can’t be done...
  • “I don’t have 90 minutes a day for 5 days to do this.”
  • ​“I’ve tried to fix my credit before and nothing works.”
  • ​“Repairing credit is hard.”
  • ​“My credit is so bad it can never be fixed.”
  • “Maybe I’ll do the Challenge another time.”
  • ​“Earn extra money from credit repair? It sounds hard!” 
If you’re not committed to your own financial health and stability, then please pass on this offer.

But know this:

The pain of living with poor credit is ETERNAL if you don’t remedy it now.


Making the time to take action and putting in the effort of doing something about it is short-lived.

Not only that, the results are absolutely LIBERATING because you’ve improved credit, created greater buying power, and set yourself up for a future of financial freedom.

Look, being scared and nervous is part of the process. That’s because this is new to you. Plus, you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle in place yet.

The Challenge is designed to give you those puzzle pieces.

Right now, all you know are the feelings and emotions of the crappy ‘credit experiences’ of your past.

The ‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge can change all that IF you do what I show you and put in the effort.

So if you’re looking to:
  • Start repairing your credit
  • Start repairing the credit of a friend or family member
  • Improve your credit score
  • Boost buying power
  • ​Create sense of 'credit freedom'
  • ​Repair credit for others and get paid
Then this challenge is for you.

My Promise To You

If you follow what I show you, by the end of the challenge you’ll feel...
  • Educated
  • Informed
  • Confident
  • You'll know HOW the credit system works and how to make it work to your advantage
  • You’ll know how to start the credit repair process
  • You’ll have an unfair advantage over the credit bureaus
  • ​You’ll have access to the tools and strategies to repair anyone’s credit
  • ​You'll know how to earn income by repairing credit for others
This Challenge will lift the veil of secrecy and mystery so that nothing can stand in your way.

I believe that if you’ve read this far, then you have what it takes to join the ‘Start Repairing Credit’ Challenge.”


Become A Credit Hero... To Yourself And Others

Now's The Time To Act!

Join The 'Start Repairing Credit' Challenge TODAY!

Learn from the credit repair industry’s leading expert, Daniel Rosen, on how to start repairing credit, master the fundamentals of reading credit reports and improving credit scores, and send out your first dispute letters... GUARANTEED... In just 5 days!
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